Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Bii 毕书尽 Showcase live @ Studio Lounge Tropicana City Mall

2 weeks ago, I had a chance to attend a live music showcase by a Taiwanese/Korean singer, Bii 毕书尽 @ Studio Lounge, Tropicana City Mall. Well, this was my FIRST ever music showcase that I ever attended *being jakun* and I was so so so excited when my friend invited me to join this showcase.

He looks so handsome in suit & tie! 

Previously, I was not a really big fan of Bii, because well, I never actually pay attention on him. I only listened to 2 of his songs, which are 势在必行 & 转身之后 lol! And I only liked that TWO particular songs. When I knew I'm gonna attend his showcase, I decided to undergo a 'background search' on him hahaha! I checked out ALL his songs and his photos, and I realized that he was actually quite a talented singer! His songs are basically aired in most of the Taiwanese dramas like 真爱黑白配 & 钟无艳. And and and, the most important is, Bii looks handsome and hawt!!! =P

This is Bii, when he first debuted.
Well, he looks... pretty LA LA that time. So I guess that time he wasn't able to attract my attention that time. =P

And a few years later, Bii had transformed becoming so handsome OMG! *fan girl mode*

He was born in Korea and live there for quite some time. So his Chinese wasn't really fluent. But his Chinese songs are so darn good! 

If you don't believe this, listen to his songs below! *These are all my favourite!*

Come Back to Me
This is his latest album hit song. Lyrics is in a combination of Chinese & Korean language. Quite like it though! :)

The MV is linked with the song called I know, which I'm showing below.

I know.

There are a few other songs that are pretty good too, like 轻轻的你给我的爱我会在你身边. Go listen to them if you like the songs I listed above. I also realized that, the way he sings in Korean and the way he sings in Chinese is different. When he sings in Korean, his voice is a bit hoarse, but when he sings in Chinese, his voice sounds soothing, not too hoarse. 

My friend and I prepared our self made cards for him too!
I guess when fans go crazy, they will do anything for their idol ehh? =P

Polaroids! :)

Bumped into my uni mates too! 
Meet Jessica, Peh Wen and Brian aka Bii-an *he looks like Bii in someway seriously! Some random fans in the showcase even asked him for photographs LOL!*

Bii-an wannabe!!! :)

And meet Spellman, the guy in PURPLE! 

The best thing of the night!
Original music album with his signature on it! :)

Last, but not least. I'm gonna share with you all with this video below!
This is my MOST MOST MOST favourite song of Bii!

This is a song of Bii collaborating with our Malaysian singer, 陈势安.
A very good song, awesome duet! :)
You gonna love it! 

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  1. Hehehe...all the artists look better as they get more famous:D