Wednesday, July 31, 2013

When Jason Chen & Clara C invaded Taylor's University!

2 days ago, Jason Chen and Clara C just landed a bomb in Taylor's University Lakeside Campus! FYI, both of them are extremely talented youtubers/singers lately, where they perform covers of many top hit songs like Just Give Me A Reason, When I Was Your Man, I Won't Give Up, Rhythm of Love, Radioactive and other hit songs.

Of course, this is one of my favourite song cover by Jason Chen.
The title of the song is called "想你的夜"
He sang it in Chinese and English! :)

Just Give Me A Reason, cover by Jason Chen and Megan Nicole.

Radioactive, cover by Clara C.
Another favourite of mine too! :)

Rhythm of Love, cover by Clara C and Joseph Vincent.

I was so freaking excited when Taylor's announced that both of them would be in university for a press conference, although its not for performance. My heart was pumping so fast, because I had a chance to meet them in real life!

And guess what, Jinnyboy is the MC of the event!
This was my first time meeting him in real life too.
Surprisingly, he is quite good in emcee-ing. He cracked most of the jokes that day and successfully making the crowd cheering up with him. 

Well, it was not a smooth-flow event. We experienced black-out during the event, and Jinnyboy professionally calmed the crowd and leaded the whole crowd to use flashlight in the dark event hall to create 'twinkle twinkle stars' effect. It was really nice! You can check the 'twinkle twinkle stars' video out at Jinnyboy's instagram here.

Finally Jason Chen and Clara C came out from the backstage, and everyone of us were cheering up for them, shouting like fan girl fan boy to welcome them on stage. 

The many faces of Jason Chen.
There is one boy asking him, "what characteristics of your ideal girlfriend should have?"
And he answered, "a girl who is taller than me and more humorous than me." 
He prefer girls who have model type height! LOL!

The many faces of Clara C.
She was so hyper and bubbly! 
She interacted with the audience so well, somehow we felt like we've already known each other beforehand.

Managed to get a photo with Jinnyboy after the event.
It would be even better if I have a chance to get a photo with Jason Chen and Clara C haha! *greedy me* =P

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  1. He doesnt need girls of model height to be taller than him lah.. Any normal girl will do. Even I can be taller than him!! :P