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The Butterfly Project Spa Party aka SPARTY at Posh Nail Spa

Welcome to The Spa Party butterflies! :)

Aloha! Its time to blast my FULL FORCE power to blog about my SPARTY aka Spa + Party, which happened on June 29, 2013 at Posh Nail Spa! *Oops, I know its a bit late to blog about this event, but forgive me as I just finished my finals a week ago + working for my uni's orientation thingy* Well, nothing is possible without the awesomely dedicated butterflies from The Butterfly Project! Pictures time, here we go again! :)

Bathrobe from Ogival.

First and foremost, all thanks to Good Friends Cafe for providing finger-licious food for us! Without them, I guess we will be starving throughout the event ehh? *you know lahh, socializing with 50 butterflies needs more than enough energy since we are all so hyperactive, jumping around and having our own sweet time hehe*
Well I forget the name of the dish, but I shall named it Tuna Saladinnnnn! :)

Fried organic tofu with homemade teriyaki sauce. 
*definitely one of my fav dish of the day!*

And the cutest mini chicky burger on earth!!!

Tamarind prawns

Pink-ish macaroons! 

Red-velvet cupcakes

Of course, the event wouldn't be a top hit without a proper comfy place to fit 50 of us in it! And seriously, its 50 of us?! The 50 of us literally just 'dropped a bomb' at that place! :P
Posh Nail Spa interior
source : google

The event started with ukulele performance by Anna.

She even composed a song and sang for all of us! 
Lovely lyrics accompanied by her sweet voice.

*ah-hem! attention!!!* 
Tammy the mamasan gave us a short, simple and sweet speech to welcome all of us.

Meet the young and pretty founder of Pink N' Proper.

credits to Swee San
She made the event even more special with a fashion runway for top 10 blogger-models to rock the outfits!

Everyone stand-by around the runway.

Woots! Any familiar bloggers that you spot there?
They really outshine the outfits and made the fashion runway glamorous!

And the grand prize winner of the Pink N' Proper fashion runway is, Arisa Chow! *throw confetti* 

We also had a good time pedicure-ing together with other bloggers.
Yours truly enjoying the pedicure session! :)

Spot Yuh Jiun excited face! :)

A big love to my pedicurist! :)

Thankiew for the awesomely-purple-ish nails! You made my day 'purple-ish high'! =P

They even set up a mask station for us too, courtesy to TT Mask Malaysia.

credits to Isabel Lee
I have heard of  a lot of TT Mask nice reviews from other bloggers, so I bought a few masks from there to try it out myself.

Guess what? I even had an opportunity to DIY my foot scrub!

DIY station for foot scrub.

Yipee, this is my very own foot scrub! 

I guess Nicole is jeli of my DIY foot scrub eh? 

Not to forget, thankiew Anna for guiding us for the DIY process. 

Hehe, my own brand of foot scrub!
Interested? Email me for collaboration hahaha! =P

And my favourite part of the day is, to take photos!
Yesh, its Fotobox that makes this happen!
We can take as many photos as we wanted *with PROPS*, and the photos were out instantly!

Looking back at all these photos just made me feeling like a little girl happily screaming for her favourite boy. All the fun and madness, definitely will be one of my best memories in my blogosphere.

Spot the twin pressie tower!

credits to Swee San
And YAY! One of my photo won the best Instagram contest featuring Pink N' Proper!

Its a lovely pouch from H&M! Love it so much! :)

Must be wondering which photo of mine won this photo eh?
the smelly armpit won the heart of Pink N' Proper eh? =P

credits to Swee San.
And I even won a lucky draw, sponsored by Only Beauty Malaysia.

Its a Maybelline Colour Sensational Lipstick! 
Finally got a hand on this! Luck god on my side that day yipeee! :)

Wanted to bring back the giant Havaianas flip-flop home, but I guess its too 'heavy' eh? =P

Spot the all time fav bloggers there!

And this Yuh Jiun seriously can become my crime partner!
She is so cute, fun and pretty! Had so much fun the other day! :)

After the event ended, each of us got a goodie bag to bring home too!
Seriously I love the River Island bag! 
So nice till I feel like framing the bag at home without using it! =P

Courtesy of PinknProper x River Island.

All the goodies!

Sparty wouldn't be a hit success without all these sponsors!

Well, it was my very first time to attend an event organized by The Butterfly Project, and I really enjoyed it. Amazingly, I didn't feel awkward at all when I met new bloggers there. I felt like a sense of familiarity among each other, like a family. Truly an enriching experience, and I'm looking forward for future events! 

With butterfly Illy
She was the first person to greet me when I reached the place, and her friendliness just took away my nervousness and awkwardness! :)

First photo with Miss Tammy, our mama-san aka the mastermind behind The Butterfly Project!
She worked so hard together with her team to get all the sponsors, get all the events started, to benefit and inspire us and make our dreams come true.
Thank you for the lovely invitation with many many loves! :)

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