Thursday, May 30, 2013

Why I Want a Havaianas!

I always wanted to have a pair of comfy sandals because I always have BLISTER problems whenever I wear heels. You know larr, girls love to stay young, pretty and stylish whenever they can. The compliments are always worth the pain that they went through.

I guess this is all typical ladies' mindset eh? =P

But Havaianas are here to rescue the 'nak beauty, tak mau nyawa' punya ladies! =P  Initially I have trouble pronouncing it and I straight away pronounce it as Hawaii A Nas! Lol! But after some time, I finally get to pronounce Havaianas in a more accurate way, which is as Haa-Vy-Ahh-Nas!

I want to have a pair of Haa-Vy-Ahh-Nas because it gives me the utmost comfy that I ever wanted without the hassle of inserting a small pad or gel cushion to reduce the pain, and wave good bye to blisters! And what's so special about it is the colours range they have.

Hu la la!!
Too many colours, too many choices, macam mana nehhh?
Since I always wear flip-flops to uni, I won't have any trouble to select which one to wear since there are so many colours to choose from.

Maybe I could even create my very own 'Haa-timetable' eh?
Monday have the longest hour lectures, so I will be in a stress-up mood, then I shall wear Purple colour since Purple is my all time fav and it will definitely cheer up my mood whenever I look down at my feet! 
Tuesday 2 hours, so I shall wear White since not too long hours of staying outdoor and I want to keep it Silky White!
Wednesday wear Orange, Thursday wear Blue, Friday wear Green, Saturday wear Brown, Sunday wear Yellow! Can switch colours according to mood and activities yo!

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