Thursday, May 30, 2013

Me DESPERATELY want to attend the Butterfly Project's Spa Party!

Yoo hoooo! I know I have been 'in-active' in bloggers' events and gatherings lately, because I lost quite a number of traffic since my blog has lesser updates with interesting events after I broke my leg around January. Fortunately, I feel so much better now where I can walk around without crutches or wheelchair, so yay! Which means, its time for me to work extra hard to gain more traffic back! Well, I'm actually giving my FIRST TIME to The Butterfly Project as this is my first time attending a lifestyle x beauty event in my blogging life. Well well well, I never thought of attending any events related to beauty actually because I'm not confident with my own beauty *shhhhhhh* But what? All of us have our rights to showcase our beauty in our way, so I decided to go it all out by participating in The Butterfly Project community.

Of course, The Butterfly Project is not a project of making butterflies, obviously! It's a beauty and lifestyle blogging community that Miss Tammy started on Facebook so that all bloggers can gather, exchange information or make new friends. Whenever I scroll around the Butterfly Project facebook page, I always saw a lot of nice photos, where I can really see that everyone is having so much fun in the event. And everytime I will whisper in my heart, "Awwwww, these girls are so lucky to attend all these fun and interactive events, and I really wish I can be that LUCKY too, to part of it one day."

Fear not, thank you The Butterfly Project for being so lovely and generous for organizing this SPA PARTY, yes yes yes, you heard it right, it's a SPA PARTAYYYY! What a fun and relaxing event for the female blogger/vloggers right? 

Ta da!
The one and only Spa PARTAYYY organized by The *Butter can fly* Project! =P

And, to the fabulous collaborators like
for providing such a luxury and comfy space for the spa party.

for 'taking care' of the hungry monster in our tummies!

for giving us a chance to showcase our 'poser' talents and creative juices of using various funky props!

for planning various parties events and making them a sweet and memorable ones!

for an assortment of organic beauty products!
Like what we always said, "Organic best goes well with beauty!"

for sharing and caring our baby-like skins!

for creating such a comfy and colouful flip flops for the youngsters out there.
It is definitely a LIFE SAVER for the ladies who wants to look stylish but always with blisters problems!

for producing a trendy lines of clothes for the fashionistas like us!

for introducing so many different unique patterns of masks, and ensure our skin to be 'boink boink' like the SK-II models! =P

for giving our beauty freebies and vouchers delivered to your doorsteps!

See, all these awesome collaborators are driving me crazy! And I will pray day and night so my entry will get selected! =P  So on this special day, bloggers will gather together and have a fun-packed day where they will have a chance to DIY their scrub, play with masks, and have their manicure and pedicure done! Not to forget there will be photo booths with funky props for them to take memorable photos as well as the one that everyone needs to survive - food nom nom nom will be provided too! 

So KENAPA I want DESPERATELY to join the Butterfly Project's Spa Party eh?

1. I have been so stress up with my assignments lately, and I need a getaway!
Being a communication student is not easy as various assignments can hit us down anytime! I have 4 assignments due next month and all these assignments are using up my energy, my brain juice, my precious sleeping time, my blogging time, my socializing time and my self-pampering time. And what makes me the happiest girl around the world is, the spa party will be held right after my 4 assignments due! Heee-haaa!

June 29, you have been marked down! =P

2. I want to make a 'dramatic' reunion with other bloggers that I met last time and of course, to make new friends!
More friends, no harm, memang one little happy family! What so good about bloggers is, we always back each other up because we are all from one community, like family. We eat, we have fun, we camwhore together, we share and we blog about it. It is indeed amazing to meet strangers from blogosphere who have similar passion - blogging, and become good friends after that. I'm glad that I know quite a number of bloggers out there, and I wish I could know more so that I can learn and share with each other.

3. To be pampered like 'puteri lilin' by all those awesome collaborators that I have mentioned up there in my blog.

I believe it is a dream for every girl to be treated and pampered like a princess right?

So bloggers, what are you waiting for? Join now with no regrets! 
You will be over-whelmed by the fun and excitement you will get there! 
For more information, visit Miss Tammy's post here.

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