Friday, January 11, 2013

Words to be said in 2013.

It's the 11th day of 2013. The world is not ending yet and everyone grows one year older. Oops, I still have 11 months to reach 20 years old. The number 2 in front of the 0 seems so scary. Makes me look older now. I think I have to start purchasing anti-aging products eh? =P

2012, had been really cruel good to me. Thank you for giving me one of the most fabulous time in my life. My life starts changing to colourful colors, since I made a decision - To change my future route to Mass Communication (MC) instead of Science. I never know I could gain so much happiness since I switched to MC. Once I imagined, if I followed my parents' advice and sticked to Science for my degree life, I guess my life would be filled of stress, thinking of how to cope with exams, experiments and writing lab reports. I am really happy that I decided to go against my parents' will and pursue my dream, which is to venture into MC life. Although it is difficult at first, but I ain't regret of making that decision. At least I'm happy with what I did, am contented with what I have right now. I have a bunch of high school BFF and friends from my uni. All of them are so caring, lovely. And I know most of them are treating me really well. I know they sayang me a lot. Thank you lovelies! :)

Blogging, also add in a little more spices in my life. I never know when I first started to blog around Form 4 could influence me so much. It strengthens my MC route in future, and widens my social circle. I got to know so many famous bloggers in Malaysia by attending events and stuffs. Well, I'm not the type of peepo that can always attend events or gatherings due to my family restrictions and curfew, but I'm glad that I had a few of valuable experiences previously. Writing reviews and advertorials are my new love nowadays because I really love writing. I might not be good in writing as my vocab and grammar are kinda poor, but I'm trying to improve language by reading novels and write more. If possible, I would like to venture into journalism field too.

So 2013 is a brand new year for me. I'm thinking to have a make over for everything. Any suggestions? I've already re-paint and re-decorate my room. Most probably gonna re-decorate my blog template and header soon. What else eh?

I'm so gonna throw away the past and embrace the future! Hehe! :)