Monday, January 14, 2013

Clean & Clear?

Woo hoo! One month left to Chinese New Year! I believe everyone here loves CNY right? Angpow, food, shandy & beer, family gathering, CNY decorations ... Arh, talking about this already making me on cloud nine now! I just can't wait for CNY to come! ANGPOW LAI LAI!!! =]

Basically, according to Chinese traditions, it's a must to have 大扫除 = Clean & Clear before CNY. Since my sister and I are both having holidays, and we got nothing to do at home, so we took initiative to clean and clear the house.

So, guess what we collected and going to dispose after we clean & clear for 8 hours eh? Well, since my parents are both teacher and principal, so my house has tones of books. You can't imagine how many books I have in my house. It's like when you walk to a corner, you will see a book rack of books, then when you turn around, you will see another book rack with books again. So, if you need any books or reference books, just come to my house! LOL! *just jk*

Books to be disposed.

Cacat stand fan and files.

Few boxes of books to be recycled as well.

My favourite mickey & minnie mouse rack! 
It had accompanied me since I was born 19 years ago.
Not going to throw this away. Hehe! :)

Other rubbish to be disposed.

Now my house looks bigger and cleaner. At least there are less books eh? Gonna spend my other weekends cleaning and decorating the house as well as to bake CNY cookies! So, quickly clean & clear your house before CNY! It will make your house filled with CNY spirit and, HUAT ARR! :)


  1. Haha I got more computer equipments than books now to dispose lol

  2. uwahh! so fast start already! :D

    1. not really fast, left less than one month time to CNY! hehe! :)

  3. Wow so fast do your spring cleaning, I haven't clean & clear my house yet eh ~ Haha ~ Counting down for CNY, can't wait for the moment !! =D

    1. haha! wanna concentrate on baking CNY cookies after spring cleaning! =P

  4. Spring cleaning...begins this weekend!