Thursday, January 3, 2013

Christmas trip, to Cameron Highland.

It's 2013 peepo, but here I am, blogging something about Christmas. LOL! I know its kind of late to post something about Christmas, so I will just briefly write about my Christmas trip. Will put more photos instead of words. Couldn't resist from not blogging about this trip! Heee! :)

Hee, it's me!
Sleeping all the way from KL to Cameron Highlands. 

Spot this awesomely beautiful view while we heading up to BOH Tea Plantation.

First group photo taken there!
Meet Justin, Louis, Jessie and Elaine! :)

With Elaine, so much love! :)

Spot us! 
We were trying to climb up the hill. So tiring! 

Yay! We finally reached BOH! Such a nice place to chill! :)

Best photo of the day!
Looks like the apple of my eye movie right? =P

Then we headed to second spot, the Mossy Forest!

Spot the moisture! 

See how high were we?
Never know that Cameron Highland was so freaking cold!

I can't describe the coldness here, but it was almost like the temperature in Genting Snowworld!
Our bodies were trembling badly, and it was drizzling that time. 

At night, we wore Santa hat and went for dinner in the city area.
The must have dinner there - STEAMBOAT!
Hot & Cold, the perfect combo! :)

The next morning, we went to Alex's tomato farm!

We had to travel around his farm using this Toyota truck.

Alex's brother, Sam.
He brought us around the tomato farm, so kind of him right?

Yours truly, in the middle of tomato farm.
The smell of tomato is so vivid in my mind now. 
I don't know why it smells like MINT for me! Haha! =P

There are also 'kai lan' farm there!
So GREEN! :)

We were on top of here! 
Above all those BUMBUNG that we usually see when we travel around Cameron Highland. 

Sitting in this truck is my best time ever in Cameron.
So thrilling when we went up and down the damp + rocky route. Like an adventure! :)

And the fresh water from this pipe is so cold, so delicious to drink in.
I shall name this water as The Sweet Liquid! Haha! =P

At night, we went to the night market to get our strawberries, vegetables and other hot snacks like fried cempedak, fried mushrooms and fried potatoes! Best fried potatoes that I ever had in my life! :)

Having my Strawberry fondue there! Heee! :)

After that, we went back to our apartment and get our Christmas tree done before 12am.
It was my FIRST time to decorate a Christmas tree in my life. 
Never thought of decorating a Christmas tree with my own hand in my life. Feel so contented at once. =]

The guys busy putting the lights on.

Yay, the tree is up finally, although the tree looks mini there! =P

Hehe, our presents were there!


With Santa's shoes! 

Ignore our ugly pajamas. Haha!

It was my BEST Christmas in my life, as I never celebrate my Christmas with my friends. I'm proud to say I'm NO MORE A CHRISTMAS VIRGIN! =P  Had most of my FIRST TIME there, including 'drinking'. They taught me how to drink alcoholic drinks. And I was drunk, singing 我是一只小小鸟! LOL! * embarrassed* It might not a perfect trip, but the best Christmas trip ever! Am glad to know a bunch of friends like them. Merry Belated Christmas again! :)


  1. so fun! christmas in cameron! love ur "spot the moisture" photo :D

  2. So much fun!! It looks so cool up there!!

  3. HAHAHA drunk then simply sing? So long I havent been to Cameron dy :(((

    1. yeah, its my first time getting drunk actually. never know that I will sing when i get drunk. haha! =P

  4. Wow, nice trip there.. Me, only go window shopping on Christmas.. T_T.. Too boring..

    1. haha! plan for next year christmas then! =P

  5. How fun! It's been a while since we last chatted. Looks like you're having fun. Happy 2013 & all the best, sweetie!

  6. boh tea centre is really a nice place to chill! and yes! also the pasar malam! must go! =DDD

    1. pasar malam is a must go must go! the food, can't resist! =D

  7. Sounds like a really fun trip, did you guys buy the christmas there up there or brought it there? HAHAHA :D and you guys actually drink fresh water from the pipe!! :O WOW!

    1. haha, we bought it in kl and carry it all the way to CH. yeah, pipe! was really delicious! :D

  8. I miss going on trips to there! You're like a reminder of the awesome times in the past lol. End of Watch review

    1. yeah, the closest and chilliest place for vacation in malaysia, at least its better than genting! =P

  9. I do miss the scent of that place...those tea leaves.....hmmm...fabulous. I would really like going back, except I really couldn't take the winding road...

    1. oops! then u have to take medicine before u take the winding road.