Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Race 2

I was invited by Jillian to attend an event in Taylor's University Lakeside Campus last week. The event was to celebrate the official launching of The Race 2, which was held in Thyme & Tarragon (fine dining restaurant). For your information, The Race 2 is an event organized by Events Students of Taylor's University Bachelors in International Tourism Management. This event aims to give sports eccentrics a competing platform to challenge themselves and build rapport through teamwork.

With Jillian, PR Manager of The Race 2!

The VIP!

Flag off to mark the launching of the ceremony!

Awesome magic performances!

The duo who performed magic perfectly! 

Even the VIP enjoyed the performance very much! :)

*Drums Rolls* 
An amaze-zing news for The Amazing Race or Running Man fans! 

The Race 2 is a 3 day non-consecutively event which will take place in prominent areas of Klang Valley including major cultural and touristic landmarks. The challenge is divided into 3 stages : Preliminaries, Semi Finals and the Grand Finale. Teams of 3 must race from checkpoint to checkpoint to complete a series of mentally and physically draining miniature tasks in order to qualify to the next stage.

Event details are as follows :

Preliminary : 9/12/2012
Semi Finals : 15/12/2012
Grand Finale : 16/12/2012
Starting Point : Taylor's University Lakeside Campus

Sounds interesting eh? The champion will receive up to RM 3000 in cash + other exciting prizes. While 1st and 2nd runner ups will receive RM 1800 in cash + other exciting prizes and RM 900 in cash + other exciting prizes respectively!

And good news is, The Race 2 is now open for registration to all O-Level, Form 5, Pre-U and University/College students between the ages of 16 to 23. All the proceeds from The Race 2 will go to the Taylor's Bario Project, which the project is to build a hostel near schools for rural students in Bario, Sarawak.

Registration details are as follows :

Registration fee : RM 50 per person *Each TEAM of The Race 2 consists of 3 participants.* 
Registration deadline : 17th September - 30th November 2012
Registration form is available at 

P.S   Online registration can be done here too! Hurry up as registration spots are limited! :)

For more information, please contact
Shaun @ 010-2217 052 | Kevin @ 017-3821 674

For extra information, please visit or e-mail to 

Not to mention, do also check out our other official websites as following:

Official Website:


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    1. haha, feel like joining it because i'm a huge fan of running man! :P but i think i have exam during that time. LOL! >.<

  2. all the best yea if you joining!

    1. hehe! thanks camy! come join if u're interested! :D

  3. Oh yeah this! Haha I was invited too but it's abit too far for me. :(

    1. aikss! nvm, u can support this by sharing this event around :)