Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Mo-vember - 1111

The girls in mustache!
From left : Yours truly, MC, Mei Xuan
Purposely bought this adorable tee together last week and decided to wear it on the same day.
Besties kan? :)

Arh, November is here, like finally eh?
November is my kind of month *birthday month*, and I always wanted it to come FAST.
But this time, I don't have that EAGER-NESS anymore.
I guess I've been too busy with my recent life and I can't get over it.
Everything are in such a fast pace, and all I wish right now, is to have a small break in between.
My birthday wish eh? Definitely NO! =P

By the way, we will have some acting scenes on classic movies for Performing Arts class tomorrow. Then we will have our Performing Arts mid term on 10 November! Why that day larhhh?! My cousin wedding falls on that day too! Ruin ruin ruin my mood! Gonna be superb busy that day! :(

1111, will you be good to me?
Praying for a good day to come :)


  1. awww. the mustache tee so cute!

  2. So cuteeeeee! :}D You guys should get a fake mustache as well and wear it with the tee hehe

  3. hahah comel! yea! birthday month is the best month! LOL

  4. Its November! Have fun Sunny Girl! the moustache T. bought a few during my chiangmai trip.

    1. thanks babe!!! Chiangmai? must be very cheap there! I love to shop there! :D

  5. Strange that the trend of keeping the mustache for charity is catching on in Malaysia. Haha...

    Revisited Batu Feringgi Beach, Penang, Malaysia