Friday, August 3, 2012


Hello readers! I'm back from Malacca trip with my uni mates! And its time for some updates eh? Guess that I'll update my Malacca trip in a few posts, due to too many photos taken, especially the FOOD! Stay tuned for the updates then! :)

So I'm having my sem break now, and currently relaxing at home, watching tv, online, blogging and stuffs. Gonna start working anytime too - Working as an 'editor'/'designer' for my mom's text book. Have to deal with lots of computer stuffs in these few weeks time. Of course, I get paid too, from my mom! LOL! =P  

Owh yeah, Lee Chong Wei stormed into Olympics London Finals 2012! I watched the match live on Astro with my daddy, and I screamed when Chong Wei won the match against Chen Long! Such an awesome match there. He really improved, a lot. He will be facing Lin Dan - his strongest rival in finals on Sunday! Gonna glue myself to the TV and support him 99! *definitely not because of Baskin-Robbins ice creams*  Please win Lee Chong Wei, don't ever let China dominates again! Have faith in you LEE!  =)

Lee Chong Wei - my idol!
No fear, no nervous, and you will win Lin Dan! 
Fighting Lee! =)


  1. Gonna watch the replay on YouTube. Really hope he'll win the gold! Total Recall 2012 review

    1. yeah yeah, must watch the replay because the match last night was really awesome! very the gan jiong! Pray hard for the gold! :)

  2. Wish he will win and win a gold medal for MALAYSIA!!

    1. yeah, our only hope for the GOLD medal! Pray hard for him! :)