Saturday, August 25, 2012

Of the places we stay in Malacca...

Day #1
Apartment at Malacca city.
A really huge, nice, comfy place to stay in.
Big living hall with TV & sofa provided, kitchen with dining table, 3 bedrooms with comfy beds and towels provided as well - Of course fully equipped with air-cond!
And it only costs around RM50 per person!

Day #2
Holiday villa at A'Famosa.
Owned by our college friend, Win Aun and he is kind enough to offer us a night of staying there, FOC! =P
Provided we have to clean the house since the house is leave out for like one year +! LOL!

Of course not to miss out a fun night with monopoly cards!

And, Poker Cards!

'Special' air bed, blown by poor little Justin *he forgot to bring the pump* LOL!
But really, comfy! so soft and bouncy! =P
*hee! spot my green nippon*


  1. Replies
    1. LOL!! not MY justin la. He's my uni mate. =D

  2. Wah I like the apartment! What's the name?
    Next time I oso wanna stay there!

    1. I can't rmbr the name alrdy, but its in the city. if u want to know, i can find out from my Malacca friends :)