Sunday, August 26, 2012

One of the BEST laksa that I ever tried in my life!

*This is my last food review for my Malacca trip, heee, finally!* :)

Jonker 88 
One of the top places for the famous LAKSA & CENDOL!
Read on to know more :)

Range from cendol to ice-kacang.
And, the price is reasonable as well :)

Busy ordering the laksa.

Spot the BOWLS of ingredients for cendol & ice kacang!

What I like about Malacca restaurant is, 
the deco is very old and gives me a nostalgic feeling.
Love the feeling of 复古 ! :)

Note the photos on the wall!
About some leaders that contributed a lot to their countries.

The famous-licious Baba Curry Laksa!
RM 5 per bowl!

Yummy-licious Nyonya Asam Laksa!
RM 5 per bowl! 
And this is the BEST asam laksa that I ever tried in my life! *even beaten the Penang's asam laksa*
QQ noodles, superb hot asam soup, fresh ingredients - all in one!

Baba cendol
RM 3 per bowl!
Lovin' the sticky gula melaka!

Baba Durian cendol
RM 4 per bowl

Overall rating :
Food : 4.5/5
Price : 4/5
Environment : 4/5

Location :
88, Jalan Hang Jebat (Jonker Street), Malacca

Website :

Definitely will visit this place again when I re-visit Malacca in future!! =]


  1. overrated place... didn't like it! hehe

    1. mana ada! memang very nice place with nice food la! :D

    2. OMG I have to agree with Henry. I went with my friend that day but it disappoint me too much. It was like one of the "ewwest" laksa i had in my life omg .__. and the cendol too urgh.

    3. agree! is overated liow... plus is tourist area plus is not worth of paying also which u need to Q for so long.. there is more other better place which not much ppl know unless u r local ppl there.. hehehe...

  2. You should try the kahwin laksa, they mixed the nyonya and curry laksa, even nicer! :D There's a nyonya cendol down the street which is cheap and not bad too (: Awww, how I miss Melaka!

    1. wow! got kahwin laksa one ar?? next time must try!!! :D

  3. the best cendol in mlk and its my prefence..

  4. I really like their durian cendol and yes, the kahwin laksa is better hehe

    1. haha, never heard of kahwin laksa before, but now i'll definitely try it when i visit Malacca! :D

  5. wow... I must GO and TRY this one day!!! Must remember the name of the shop!

  6. Always long q, no patient to wait when my last visit to Malacca >.<

    1. haha, u have to go during weekdays then. I went on weekdays, and the crowd was okayy. not too big :)

  7. i remember this cendol shop. hubby likes it though i wasn't too sure whether i totally liked it or not. he ate my share up as well:P

    1. aww! ur hubby so sweet! =P taking care of ur diet then :D

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