Tuesday, March 30, 2010

screwed !

urgh, i think i screwed my bio paper sad...i try my best alrdy, but the prob is i can't recall what i've read previously...i'm so forgetful these days...
tmr add math...a tough paper...hope i won't do any silly mistakes, just like in math paper last week...really, really scared of ms lee instead of mr yap...
my bro driving was *****  he fetched me & emily to nich tuition just now...he was like, suddenly can break, then moving very dad was sitting beside him, scolding him...both of them just 'argue' about which road to take, which road is faster, gt bump/hump? lol...non-stop talking all the way there...was fun although  :)

miracles, pls? everything will be fine right?

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