Friday, March 12, 2010


modem gt prob yesterday...haiz...can't update my blog yesterday  =.=  tdy, papa came back from kursus, and he fixed the modem  :)  now can online alrdy  ^^

well, tdy we, 5A had perform a sketch entitled " The Pearl "...all 5A's were involved in the sketch...i was acting as a dancer, with lyn, lingsze & steph...but the dance wasn't that perfect  :(  overall, everything was fine...especially the choir part  *joe was superb funny! took lotsa pics after sketch performance...will upload soon when lingsze, mich tag me in fb...had prs meeting after school...urgh, pn ting, u gotta be kidding me ! lucky i'm smart enough ^^  " escape from being scolded by her "  after meeting, stayed back a KFC  =D  took a lot of pics too...hey emily,  give me back all my retarded photoS !!! 

hmm, about SPM bro got 5 A's while HE got 6 A's...feel so happy because they get good results...oops, this year is my scaring...

haiz, try not to think about it alrdy...pls, pls, pls, rub everything negative out of my mind, pls? tinker bell, u can help me right?

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