Saturday, March 6, 2010

Mysterious of GREY

its the day !!! had so much fun tdy, although mood was really really bad, but now better i guess...well, this year sports day was so special for me..its the last year for me to take part in the sports day, its the 1st time for me to walk in the rain while holding the sepanduk, its the 1st time for me to wear a very very special mask while holding the sepanduk too...although not wearing any pretty pretty outfits, but mask, is perfect ! even mr tham gave us compliments  =D  i was all wet after kawad...feel so cold...


hmm, prefect won this time...congratz to them  :)  although not winning this time, but still, PRS & PPS had so much fun tdy...we kawad again after the closing ceremony, guess that we're too high that time huh?  xP  then we got celebration in APD...our ex seniors bought champagne for us !!!  so happy...after that we walked to mc donald in kepong area far  =.=  we walked in big groups weyy...hmm, i think gt 20 over plus PPS & PRS lor...we were just busy chit-chatting on the way walking there...a lot of ppl looking at us...maybe they thought we'all ponteng sekolah  xP

took lotsa retarded pics in mc donald...hope ting ting won't post something funny on fb  xP
btw, steph had posted up one retarded pic on fb!!!  i look so funny !!! urghhhhhh

owh yea, maybe i'll have a mini lappie!!! papa going to buy for happy  =D

he came tdy...not chatting well actually...
hope everything will be fine, pls?

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