Tuesday, March 23, 2010


hmm, bm paper tdy...overall, for me, its kinda tough...i dunno what's about the novel judul stuff? then i forgot about my pantun 6 or 8 kerat alrdy  :(  tmr eng! gotta study the Pearl & other short stories & poems...

well, saw kai yuan in school this morning...i was like so *embarassing* weyy! he came out from boys toilet, and then i was walking towards him, and i was like, why this kadet guy look so familliar huh? then when he came nearer, he said hi to me...i was like, hi back? then i kept looking at back to confirm whether is he kai yuan a not...mana tau when i turned back in front, i bumped into 2 guys! and kai yuan was smilling all the way there! embarassing...

thinking so hard...rmb? or not?

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