Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Yay !!! He passed !!!

hmm, as usual walk to school tdy, but earlier a bit coz of my leg...
i walked quite slow actually, and i almost lewat again...lucky girl ^^

have fun during biology class tdy...
pn vasantha gave a song to sing tdy...
its title is 'Pump your Blood'  :)
its about those blood circulation in our heart...its easier for us to memorize if we know how to sing....
the 'cowboy' song is so cute, shah, sarnjeev & shan hoe sang in front of us...all of us laughed like mad :D
the chorus part is ' pump pump pump pump pump.....pump ur blood!!!'  so cool xP

yay!!! he passed his driving test!!!
so happy for him :)

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