Thursday, February 11, 2010

we are bond together :)

holiday soon !  its C.N.Y baby !!!  so happy :)
can get angpau, can play, can eat or drink till i fat fat  xP
but i having stomach pain this few days :(  have to be more careful especially on what i eat and drink nowdays...i gotta find out which food am i allergic to, and till now, i dunno whether should drink milk a not...for my leg sake, i have to drink...but for stomach, scared stomach pain pulak  >.<   haizzzzz...

took quite some pic tdy...
stephanie brought her camera tdy and we had quite some fun posing some retarded looks  xP  will upload here soon when steph tag me in fb...

amutha asked us to measure our height & weight tdy...
ha ! i'm underweight again...being abnormal :(  haizz

owh btw, received flower from someone i dunno? a unknown maybe?
weird...but nvm...anyway thx for the 'someone's' flower yea :)

i hate nightmare !!!  go away !!!
let me have a little sweet dream, at least?

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