Sunday, February 7, 2010

my legs are back !!!

cool ! my legs are back people !!! haha...can jump, can run, can dance :)

btw, its a school day yesterday...hmm, overall its okay...we only had moral lesson the whole day...
and after recess, went to apd for bengkel kepimpinan...its only for PS, PPS & PRS...
hmm, at first i thought the bengkel would be very boring but, really, not that bad actually, siti liah gave the opening speech, and then ms chai & pn ting conducted the whole thing later...had some group discussion there...but still, had some what i so called 'war' between the 3 societies...but to be specific, its actually between PS & PPS...however, at last, everything is fine :)

edited pic for him :)

TUESDAY  !!! i loveeeee TUESDAY right now, and I can't wait for it !!!

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