Monday, February 1, 2010

Loads of house chores !!!

hmm, holiday today for me ^^  no school...hehe :)
but gotta do hse chores....and its super duper loads of hse chores!!!
i've no excuses to skip my hse chores because my hand is okayy, i wish my hand is pain, not my leg, then i no need to do hse chores, no need to do home work, but cannot use computer, and cannot text him :(
so i rather my leg pain xP

hmm, still hven't finished my hw yet...
coz i've no idea what to do coz i was absent the other day...
and i have to go school earlier because of my leg :(
i'm looking like a grandma soon :(  so sad...

i'm glad, to have him, in my life ...

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