Saturday, January 30, 2010

oh gosh !!! PAINNNNNNN !!!

my legs, hmm, to be specific, its my thigh...i still feel the pain, right now, when i tried to move just a bit higher...
i wonder how am i going to school now...lucky my class no need to go upstairs...i guess this is called lucky huh??  =D

hmm, he's going to have his driving test on 2nd February...
pray hard and wish him good luck :)

and now...i'm blurred!!!
i've no idea what ms tang gave us for hw...
she gave us 2 CW, one need to write in English 4 and another one have to email to her...
and still got one is what california baja??? i've no idea...she wants us to print out a map and write what happened in california baja last year...crapppp!!! i dunno....seriously dunno what to do weyyy!!!
and i still gt 2 chemistry report to do !!!  lucky monday no school :)

finally change my another blog background....
black looks dull :( now better :D
editing my pic now :)
kinda addicted to photobucket now :D

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