Saturday, August 8, 2009

~ Memories ~

Miss Redang Camp very much......
A very nice experience there....A lot of FIRST TIME there too...
I knew a lot of friends....closer relationships wid prefects.....snorkelling and scuba diving....took bath wid 20+ girls in a crowded place....and I KISS a baby turtle!!!yeah!!!

I miss my instructors and friends there...especially Mr Phruzal...He such a good, patient, and funny instructor!

My group element : Water
Group Leader : Tim (Zombie)
Group Members : Me, Fran, Wendy, Walter, Dhamesh, Chee Poy, Hui Xian, Mei Sin, Edward & Chun Kit

I really appreciate all my group members and of course my group leader too..for being so nice to me during the camp XP...AND really, I having a lot of fun there!!!

And I'm 'Alien' in the group! Alien actually is the 'indian' pronounciation of number 6 i think..i can't remember d..haiz..low memory la..haha :)

GO GO GO !!!

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