Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Hari Koko !!!

Last Saturday is Hari Koko...
I did have a lot of fun tat day...actually, i'm busy selling things la...
We are having the jualan thing under KH club & Kewangan Club and we sell lots of things...
(fishball, fish-fillet, french toast, cereals and so on)
My leg hurts because I was standing throughout the day without resting..I was busy walking around the school to promote our food..
Luckily, there are someone who's kind enough to help us to sell & buy things..

There were quite lots of interesting activities throughout the day..
Malurian Idol, Hip-hop Idol, Marching Competition, and still got kawad berirama....
Au Yong damn cool larhx when he was actually 'dancing' during the kawad berirama......all of us cheering for him...woo hoo!!!

Well, Malurian Idol nt bad oso...a lot of my friends playing instruments on that day...
stephanie playing violin, shahrul guitar, joel guitar too, divyaa singing, sareen guitar + singing man!!! Hip-hop idol was very nice too especially the N2O group & N2O2 group...they danced very well tat day...of course both of the groups took the 1st and the 2nd place..

Lastly, before the event end, its our showtime!
4A class having a choir performance...and we sang 'We Are The World' by our legendary singer, Micheal Jackson!

Well, these are the photos I took with my friends before and after the choir performance..

me, carmen n stephanie ^^

eelyn, ling sze n me

yew joe & me

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