Friday, August 7, 2009

Anime ! Rocks !!!

Hayate, The Combat Butler !!!

This is the best ever anime that I've watch in my life !!!
Main actor : Hayate (Very handsome leh ^^) I love him very much...
Main actress : Nagi

Synopsis :
When Hayate was young, Santa appeared in a dream and told him that if he worked hard, he’d be rewarded. Thus, with an unbreakable will, the unfortunate Hayate has struggled through life holding onto that belief. In the present, his parents are lazy and unemployed, forcing Hayate to work several jobs to pay the bills. As if things couldn’t get worse, Hayate’s parents then run away, leaving him with an enormous debt and loan sharks on his tail! Naturally, the best solution to find money fast is… to kidnap someone?! A girl named Nagi is the target, but due to an unfortunate miscommunication, she believes Hayate has proposed to her and falls for him hard. After Nagi paid off his debt, Hayate must now work as her butler in order to repay her; but first, he must adapt to her wacky world!

Haiz...because I've no time to watch this anime so I've to watch repeat.sob sob...
I can't wait to watch it !!!

Hayate and Nagi


Hayate and Nagi again~

Nice pictures right ???

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